Tuesday, April 13, 2010

at the convent

There is what looks like another interesting show opening at that convent, on Thursday. Artists include Ethan Greenbaum, Deniz Ozuygur, Mike Smith, many more. Oh man this piece called Stuck on Deniz' website is hilarious... loved her hi-five machine last year.

The last show included Inna Babaeva, Kai Vierstra, Meridith Pingree, Tom Brauer, Mike Hein, Saira McLaren. Paddy posted some thoughts and photos from the opening.

Is this the second show there? Is it by the same people? The information for the two shows is on two different websites.

St. Cecilia’s Convent, 21 Monitor St, Brooklyn. L train to Graham.


Kai said...

Fourth show, 4th peoples

meridith said...

They've had at least 4 big group shows. Each with a different curator(s). They've also had movie shoots, film shoots & other events. very cool space.