Monday, July 05, 2010

Wendy White

Wendy White at Leo Koenig... TWO shows ago, that's how far behind I am with things I want to post.

L.A. Noir... they have a polluted rosy glow.

Like bruised Ruscha... future signposts, mystery totems, grimy negaglyphs.

Hollywoodland. Church Aurora.

Wendy is included in two current NYC shows -

Shape Language at Nicole Klagsbrun... with Joe Bradley, Blinky Palermo, and others.
I'll Let You Be In My Dreams If I Can Be In Yours, at Fredericks & Freiser... with artists including Lamar Peterson.

Wendy White

Charlie Finch wrote that they look like they were painted with a dirty sponge that would give even Dumas pause... good one.


Barnaby said...

great post Martin! I loved this show. Went back twice.

ghostfuk3r said...

this show was amazing. wendy white is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

yes. sorry i couldn't catch this but she was in a good group show at the Bemis center in Omaha
there's something manic about them that does not quite convey in photos
and these more-or-less single canvas ones swing between fragment and whole - i think it has to do with the marks and their relative scale. dirty sponge? i don't see it.
cool that you mention Church - i had never thought about that. you could say the only reason we have neon signs is for an ersatz sublime - do you think they ever were seen as "classy" - when they first appeared?
. . . Schlitz. . . and a heavenly choir

Martin said...

i can't take credit for thinking of the church... that is a painting wendy herself posted back in the good old blog dayz.

ok time to think about neon. thanks.