Friday, July 30, 2010

Beth Gilfilen

Beth Gilfilen, at John Davis Gallery, Hudson NY.... through August 15th.

Beth is in the carriage house concurrent with Brenda Goodman's show in the storefront space. John Davis has a main year-round storefront space, and a second building - a former carriage house - which is used for the summer... each artist gets a floor.

The carriage house space is fantastic.... Beth's show is on the same floor EJ Hauser had. Sharon Butler on 4. Kenji Fujita and Nancy Shaver on 4. Bromirski on 3.

skittery lines

OK i really like this painting and it reminds of these 1907 infant stool samples.

HEY did you take my poll asking which 1907 infant stool sample Cai Guo-Qiang's Whitney Biennial Gap Artist Editions T-shirt most resembles?


Beth Gilfilen
Beth Gilfilen


Anonymous said...

These are kind of excellent.

Beth Gilfilen said...

thanks, martin! The stool samples are so beautiful, bringing back memories....ahhh

Martin said...

haha beth now you know what i was talking about when i said it looked like diarrhea.

awkward moment.

nobody said...

I cannot find an e-mail address for you, so I am asking this question here. A post dated Jan. 26, 2006. titled Rebecca Winston at Diversity Thrift shows 3 small prints. My question is do you have any more information about this artist or her prints?

Martin said...

hi nobody - no i never learned anything more about that artist. nobody ever left a comment or contacted me.

you can email me at bromirski AT hotmail.

Trish said...

O wow, I ADORE these.