Wednesday, August 04, 2010


This is awesome... a video of my old roommates The Knife and Fork Band... recently performing Bromirski (!).

(can't figure out how to post the video here without cutting the image in half... click here to see it)

pine pollen


Kai said...

Crazy! I couldn't understand the words, could you elaborate?
And change your template, that'll help with the available space on the page. Also, notice on youtube that you can control the size of your embedded videos. Make them tiny and you won't need to change your template.

Martin said...

lyrics i caught -

i remember when
strangers sacked out on our floor
things were different then
the party would go til half past four

put the ramens in the pot
the empty bottles pile up again

a barbecue up on the roof
and fireworks
in the sky
who was that girl
who ate our plant
she gave no reason why

the chorus is -

"the mess, the fights"

Kai said...

The mess, the fights. indeed