Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Charlie McComber

Charlie McComber

Charlie McComber at a coffee shop... I almost don't want to share this mad genius.

they are all(?) less than $200 and i can't afford any of them!!! but i will get one eventually.

i think charlie would like gellochio and vice-versa.


Charlie McComber!


ken said...

I understand why you got excited finding these in a coffee shop. Like. Am I reading it right-- is there a post-it note price tag push-pinned next to the paintings that reads: $172.50?
If so, brilliant.

Martin said...

yes. i didn't find him i work on a farm with a mutual friend who was talking him up a lot to me a couple years ago and saying i should go visit him and check out his work... but i never did... so glad he had this show!