Friday, December 31, 2010


Last year went OVERBOARD with favorites so trying keep this list small and personal, limited to abstract painting...

Vittorio Colaizzi

Simon Hantai - from 1981, but new to me.

Dan Colen - apparently i'm the only one in the world who liked these grody paintings??? they were terrific.

Lance Rautzhan
Lance Rautzhan - i know a lot of different groups of artists in NYC, many of them overlap, and Lance belongs to NONE of them... it's so weird! anyways, i love it.

Lauren Luloff
Lauren Luloff at BUOY!!!
Justin Adian
Justin Adian - this piece and a solo show at Blackston
Maria Walker
Maria Walker
Ken Weathersby
Ken Weathersby
Rosanna Bruno paintings
Rosanna Bruno - in 2 shows
Wendy White
Wendy White
Peter Acheson
Peter Acheson
Beth Gilfilen
Beth Gilfilen

Edwin Ruda
Edwin Ruda - not new or even new to me, but newly appreciated.

SUPER SPECIAL top favorite shows:
Cro-Mirski!!! and Shadow Boner!!! THANK YOU to everyone who came.

Regret not getting around to posting Whitney Claflin (2x... at Real Fine Arts and Thomas Erben), Suzanne Frecon, Blair Thurman, Harriet Korman (in 2 shows)... others surely but that is who comes to mind.

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UPDATE: yeah already realized i did not list Larry Poons and Dona Nelson... basically everything on the blog is a favorite. this is impossible.


Joanne Mattera said...

Excellent choices, Sir.

Mark Barry said...

You got around this year! To an even greater 11'

Unknown said...

glad Maria Walker made yr list...

Martin said...

forgot jamison brosseau!

vincenthawkins said...

love V.C.'s painting at the beginning !