Wednesday, January 05, 2011

shows to see

Alisha Kerlin in 2 shows... at Thomas Erben (1/6) and a cool looking group show at Soloway (1/8 - one week only). She is the 2nd interesting RFA artist I've noticed to have a show at Thomas Erben... Whitney Claflin is the other.
Dona Nelson and others at Regina Rex, 1/8.
Ann Craven at Maccarone, 1/8 - and she just had a topsy-turvy show there like 3 shows ago. HEY guess what i got an original signed/dated Ann Craven painting in a bin at the Strand for two freaking dollars!! no shit.
Lee Lozano at Hauser & Wirth, 1/12
Joe Bradley at Canada, 1/13.
- oh wait and he is at Gavin Brown too opening 1/8. what is happening.
Bryan Zanisnik at Horton, 1/13.
- unrelated to Bryan's show... i don't have a cent to spare but TOP of my list of resolutions is to send Sean Horton a check for $20.
Joshua Abelow at James Fucking Fuentes!!, 1/13.
Eric Doeringer, Loren Munk, Filip Noterdaeme, Matthew Higgs Society and others, in a show curated by Eric Doeringer, at EFA Project Space, 1/14.... looks very smart and fun. I am archived in the Matthew Higgs Society, they sent me a card (back) thanking me for my contributions to Matthew's legacy (scrollll).
Bureau, 1/13 (reception 1/16) - i don't know who is showing but like visiting this little gallery.
Gellochio at 245 Varet, 1/28.

ADD!: Butt Johnson at CRG, Patrick Hill at Bortolami, Lief Ritchey at Martos, Matthew Fisher at Heskin, Yadir Quintana at Standpipe 2/3.


ken said...

Quite a few of those I already had on my own list, like Joe Bradley, Dona Nelson and Josh Abelow... also tomorrow I'll see Taro Suzuki & Steven Alexander at Heidi Cho, the group show at McKenzie (Plane Speaking), and Leslie Thornton at Winkelman (if you don't mind me tagging a few more on...)

Martin said...

yes please recommend whatever...

Martin said...


owso said...

(dont miss that 331 b.t.w)