Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joe Bradley and Sarah Braman at Museum 52

Joe Bradley, Bax, 2009 - Crooked door, top hat, leaning building. I don't know what Bax means, but he makes good titles... one of the paintings from the Schmagoo show was called Abelmuth, which is probably a reference to the Dick novel Radio Free Albemuth... don't know if Bradley's re-spelling is intentional or was a typo.

Jason Fox presented a copy of Radio Free Albemuth in the display case at his recent Peter Blum show... Fox was included in Bradley's Peanut Gallery.

Joe Bradley and Sarah Braman at Museum 52.

Sarah Braman, Wrong Thing, 2009

Sarah Braman, Love Lock Future, 2009

Sarah Braman, July Again, 2009

Joe Bradley is also currently included in the Steve DiBenedetto-curated show at David Nolan. I don't think I'll get a chance to see it, but it looks good... lots of interesting artists including Tony Feher, Malcolm Morley, Larry Poons. Steve DiBenedetto's show at SUNY Albany was fantastic.

Tony Feher
Took this photo at Tony Feher's current show in the front room at D'Amelio Terras... nice... sort of like one of Lynda Benglis's glittery twisties. Red + Blue is always nice. Plus, saw Tony Feher at Bennington early this month... more red and blue - (buckets) - suspended from the ceiling.

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Nomi Lubin said...

I'd know that bax anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the Tony Feher show, but I regret not spending more time with it. I felt like I was thinking "I got it, I'm gone" although in an appreciative way, not a dismissive one. It had a bright plastic cleanliness to it that sometimes makes me uncomfortable with work that seems to capitulate too easily to the consumerist bonanza, but Feher remains opaque, mysterious, not clever. It transforms. what an old fashioned thing to admit to wanting. But it doesn't transform in the picasso bicycle bulls head way: it's still a tangle of green twine, so how does he do it? I dunno, and that's what makes me wish I had spent more time there, not to figure it out, but to bask in the mystery. yum