Monday, May 11, 2009

My Certain Fate

I'm included in a show opening in LA this week called My Certain Fate, at Pharmaka, curated by Timothy Buckwalter. The show runs May 14th - June 6th, with an opening reception this Thursday May 14th, 6-9pm.

John Altoon, Angela Baker, Val Britton, Martin Bromirski, Manuel Dominguez Jr, Bill Dunlap, Sacha Eckes, Sylvia Fragoso, Tammy Harper, Kevin Parks Hauser, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Michelle Lewis-King, Joe Macca, Michael Macfeat, Rob Matthews, Mike Monteiro, Marlon Mullen, Christopher Saunders, Jen Siska, Dean Smith, Brian Stechschulte, Katy Stone, Rebecca Whipple, Billy White, Jim Winters, Douglas Witmer, Michael Zahn, Nina Zurier.... (thanks Christopher Saunders for all the link work).

Christopher Saunders has posted a discussion/interview with Timothy Buckwalter about the show.... and Timothy has conducted individual interviews with a number of the artists.

Pharmaka is located on Gallery Row in Downtown Los Angeles, at 101 West Fifth Street in Los Angeles. Opening reception will be Thursday May 14, from 6-9 pm, a part of the Downtown Art Walk.

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zipthwung said...

I hope you get the competitive edge.

was looking at this:

herethere;s some digging, some buckets suspended from the ceiling - I'm kind of shallow and superficial that way - but it does make you wonder if Carl Jung wasn't right: we are all just fractal brothers making crystal meth together.

Martin said...

i can't see whatever buckets you're talking about... you mean like the tony feher at bennington show?

i know i need to make new post but i'm back in the city for nyu dental work and just had a waaay decayed wisdom tooth pulled this evening. i have taken two vicodin and am about to crack my third yeungling.

i really liek the jessica stockholder in madison square park thing.

zipthwung said...

"Helen Lessick's first Texas exhibition consists mostly of barely altered mass-produced objects -- metal buckets with holes drilled in them"

I'm shallow like that with the formal stuff.

Hey, bucket.

NYU dental is great - got like a thousand fillings there (I have three rows)

I wish I had some vicodin, or paid work, work would be good.

I get jessica stockholder and nancy rubins mixed up. I know.

ham said...