Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vittorio Colaizzi and Douglas Witmer at The Painting Center

Douglas Witmer, at The Painting Center.

Vittorio Colaizzi and Douglas Witmer at The Painting Center. Douglas has a solo show in the project room, Vic spoke on Robert Ryman in the main space. I don't think that they had ever met before... but Vic wrote a review of Douglas' show in Richmond a few years ago.

Susan English, Nomi Lubin, Vittorio Colaizzi. Vic's show of paintings at Stump Town Gallery has just closed.

Vittorio Colaizzi
Vic speaking on Ryman. All of my lecture pictures have that painting going through his head, sorry!

Douglas Witmer. It was cool to be at this reception with Doug because we are both included in a show that was opening in LA that same night.

Doug stayed with me when he came to RVA for his 2006 show... we saw Jered Sprecher's show at ADA.

Matthew Fisher.

Carrie Patterson painting.... Carrie is included in the group show in the main exhibition space... Vittorio wrote an essay for the catalogue.

Carrie Patterson talking to Russell Roberts. Douglas' friend Lowell is in the background.



Nomi Lubin said...

I'm on anaba.

Anonymous said...

thanks for coming Martin.
That's Russell Roberts talking to Carrie. An excellent painter who was in some groups shows i did not see but that looked good on line at, I think, Heskin and Sideshow.

Martin said...

oh yeah.. i have seen his paintings. i'll update the post later and add a link to his paintings.

Joanne Mattera said...

Well, if you're going to have anything going through your head, it might as well be a painting.

Good seeing you there, Martin. I thought VC gave an interesting talk. That Carrie Peterson you shot was my fave in the front-room show. And I love Witmer's work.

Martin said...

remember that steve martin "i'm a wild and crazy guy" skit with the arrow... that's what all those photos look like.

joanne did you take any notes? i have the worst recall. yeah that carrie patterson painting is nice.. thanks for pointing it out to me.

* said...

I liked Vittorio's Ryman talk--

and the chance to say hi to people (Doug, Joanne, Vittorio, Martin) in actual reality.

--ken weathersby

Nomi Lubin said...

Me too. ^^^