Thursday, February 24, 2011

Patrick Hill

Patrick Hill, Clumsy Angels, at Bortolami. Closed 2/23.

ballerinas and stripper poles + catholic vibe

christ struggling with the cross... there's even a halo.


feels like pieces should move, like that rotation you do with your arms when you play train. clumsy angel in the background, with marble wings and glass halo.

Patrick Hill at Bortolami 2007, on anaba (late) 2/26/2008 - the glass pieces were set up to fall and smash... there was a mobile with cement and glass... he used beet juice to stain canvas.

Patrick Hill at Andrea Rosen, on my flickr 11/2008.
Patrick Hill at Bortolami, on my flickr 8/2010... (+ a sculpture).

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