Thursday, February 17, 2011

Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley, Human Forms, at Canada. Closes 2/21.

big switch from the schmutzkunst!

barrel of monkeys-like

Double Elvis-y.

lots of doubles paired... they are screenprints so the doubles are exactly the same, even the mis-registrations or whatever it's called.

some of them are cool to look at like those images where the negative/positive space flip-flops, when two faces make a vase if you squint.

stills from a breakdancing video i think.

Peanut Gallery, curated by Joe Bradley, at Journal Gallery, on anaba 12/4/08.
Joe Bradley, Schmagoo Paintings, at Canada, on anaba 1/5/09.
Joe Bradley with Sarah Braman, at Museum 52, on anaba 5/28/09.

trop fort

Joe Bradley drawing show opens 2/22 at Journal.

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ken said...

liking it a lot.