Sunday, June 12, 2011

Salvatore Scarpitta

Salvatore Scarpitta, at Marianne Boesky, through 6/18.


Sal Scarpitta
Over There, Over Here

self-portrait. see my 10/2007 post for more info on the great scarpitta.

Sal Scarpitta

Sal Scarpitta
he built and raced cars, and exhibited them



Mark said...

I liked those leathery wall pieces too.

Stella Scarpitta said...

Who loves you baby???? Thanks my friend!!! The SAL CRAGAR shot is GORGEOUS!!!!! That is MY baby. I waited so long for HIS moment and Marianne came and DELIVERED! So happy :)

Eva said...

I loved this show.

Art Sans Raison said...

There is such an earthiness and a real sense of humor to his work. I love these photos and really wish I'd been there to see these pieces in person!