Thursday, April 26, 2012

MIC: CHECK (The: human mic)

Leslie Roberts

MIC CHECK! at Sideshow. The GIANT annual show. Yes, it is closed I am doing a lot of catch-up. I see too much good stuff.

Lawrence Swan - his stuff is so weird and cool.

SEE Lawrence Swan in Lars + Lori at Valentine, a JK video.

Loren Munk

Peter Reginato

Peter Acheson - had a really terrific 2010 show at John Davis, i still think about those paintings.

Rand Hardy - another very nice and weird little piece.

His resume lists a 2012 show at Narthex Gallery St. Peters Church. Has it happened yet? Put it on your calendars if not. Let's go!

Rand Hardy
better angle

Sharon Brant - she will have a show at Minus Space later later this year

Chris Martin

Maria Walker - NIIICE. i first saw one of her paintings at one of these big annual Sideshow shows and I've tried to see every show she's had since!!!!!! but i missed the last one.

Liz-N-Val - HELLO did you see the fantastic show Jon Lutz did with them?

The Real Rick Briggs

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