Saturday, September 01, 2012

Maria Walker

Maria Walker, Four Rooms, at John Davis Gallery.

this has already been 'favorited' seven times on my flickr, that's really good...

so strange

this piece was in the show with all the plants at Bull and Ram.

Maria Walker in MIC:CHECK, at Sideshow, on anaba 4/26/12.
Maria Walker in Domesticities, at Bull and Ram, on anaba 2/15/12.
Maria Walker in the Nudashank show, at Art Blog Art Blog, on anaba 6/14/11.
Maria Walker in Purple Nurple, at Joy Curtis and Mike Olin's, on anaba 6/8/11.
Maria Walker at NYU's Rosenbeg Gallery, on anaba 12/8/10.
Maria Walker in It's A Wonderful Life, at Sideshow, on anaba 1/19/09... 1st TIME to see a Maria Walker!!

Maria Walker

Maria Walker

I think that there are still people in NYC not familiar with this terrific artist?? She has a show opening in Philadelphia 9/7 ... at Bodega.

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