Monday, October 22, 2012

Kohei Kajihara

Kohei Kajihara, at Kodama Gallery.

Okay it's actually a four-person show, but my attention was mostly on the Kajiharas. That is Kohei Kajihara on the floor studying the sculpture by Masakazu Takatori.

Kohei Kajihara... he did the green weirdo... the other painting is by Akira Takaishi, also good... but all my pics are Kajiharas which were my faves.

Real Wine in Real Glasses! Very nice small building with a gallery on each of four floors... coordinated openings... wow so nice and easy for Tokyo. Refreshing.

The contemporary art galleries in the building are Kodama, Yamamoto Gendai, and Arataniurano.

Kodama Gallery... the Director? I will try to get his name and add it.

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