Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yohei Okada

Yohei Okada, Warped, at Art LAB's Over The Border, at Ai Kowada.

Not sure what the space is really... It's like the Ai Kowada project space, within Ai Kowada... but maybe run by another entity, there is no mention of it on the Ai Kowada site.

The souvenir spoons are Uri Geller portraits. I thought they were Dali maybe, but there is no moustache.

Warped Uri Geller records... they still play... but the sound is distorted.

Geller with Dali.

Haha okay.


All of these are pics of Uri Geller with other people, in which Okada has substituted his own face.

It's an illusion!

Yohei Okada

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