Friday, October 15, 2004

New American Paintings

Hey Mid-Atlantic painters!

The next annual deadline to submit to New American Paintings is October 31. This is great exposure, I've even seen it in bookstores in Tokyo, and have known a number of people who've been included. Some of them have been contacted by gallerists to be included in shows, and some never heard from anybody. The first time I saw Laylah Ali's work was when she was featured on the cover. Shortly after that I was in Boston and able to see some of her work for real at the Miller-Block Gallery, which happened to have a summer show up including an emerging artist named Amy Cutler. Both of them were in the last Whitney Biennial, and I had an early opportunity to get something relatively cheap and blew it! Aaargh!

As for New American Paintings, I've entered a few times and have yet to get in, but I 'll keep trying!