Sunday, October 24, 2004

Upcoming Talks

Very much looking forward to the upcoming talks by Shirley Kaneda and Ingrid Schaffner.

Ingrid Schaffner is the Senior Curator at the Philadelphia ICA, which always has something worth seeing. Her talk is entitled "Salvador Dali's Dream of Venus: The Surrealist Funhouse from the 1939 World's Fair". I imagine she will talk about how relevant that project is to so much installation and performance art today. Thomas Hirschhorn's fantastic Cavemanman and Matthew Barney come quickly to mind.

Shirley Kaneda is a painter, and had one of the best pieces in the Chelsea Art Museum's recent Surface Tension show. Her piece was the perfect size for where it was hung, and really lit up the corner. I almost didn't go in, because they charge an admission fee and the place is surrounded by free galleries, but very happy I did.

Ingrid Schaffner - Wednesday, October 27. 3 pm. 934 W Grace Street., Grace Street Theatre
Shirley Kaneda - Wednesday, November 3. 3pm. VCU Art Foundations Building. 609 Bowe Street, 5th Floor (this is easy to get confused about, it's on the top-floor of a parking garage).