Wednesday, July 13, 2005

David Shrigley and stuff

David Shrigley, originally uploaded by Bromirski.
Went to David Shrigley's website after seeing the link on Corncub's blog and later in the day happened to come across a book on him. The photo above is scanned from the book. I'm putting this up because it made me think of both J.T. Kirkland's isms and one of James Davis' Relativity pieces. The concentric-ring Shrigley painting on the page directly opposite the Shrigley above was like the concentric-ring James Davis piece hanging next to his drilled-hole piece. Odd.
J.T.'s blog has some comments on the OPTIONS 2005 show, including one by Philip Barlow - the original curator. Barlow says he wouldn't have chosen as many MFA students.
The Virginia Commission for the Arts fellowship deadline is August 1 - this year the category is sculpture. What is "sculpture"? I question sculpture. Last year someone who had never made a painting won a painting fellowship; I think I'll enter this year's sculpture contest with some of my meatballs.


Corny said...

Please post a picture of your meatball sculpture when it is compleated. I Think that sounds like a fantastic choice of material. Will you make little snow men like figures? Or perhaps something stacked like a meatball branchusi?

mountain man said...

Meatballs are so delicious I can barely stand it. Every time I read "Meatballs" on your blog I salivate, thinking of a large sandwich filled with the round goodies. Thank you for mentioning them so often.

Anonymous said...

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