Saturday, July 30, 2005

Exit Art CHICKENS!!!

Exit Art rejected my Traffic proposal today.

Due April 15, 2005

traf·fic (traf'ik) n.
1. a. The passage of people or vehicles along routes of transportation. b. Vehicles or pedestrians in transit.
2. a. The commercial exchange of goods; trade. b. Illegal or improper commercial activity.
3. a. The business of moving passengers and cargo through a transportation system. b. The amount of cargo or number of passengers conveyed.
4. a. The conveyance of messages or data through a system of communication: routers that manage Internet traffic. b. Messages or data conveyed through such a system.
5. Social or verbal exchange; communication
6. To carry on trade or other dealings

My entry was PERFECT!!!!


Anonymous said...


I too was rejected from this show with a proposal I thought was perfect. Oh well...

I'm curious to see what direction they went in.

Anonymous said...

Martin, I don't understand why you link to that previous post. I doubt that you didn't get in because of nepotism. (that is the inference right?) Why make that claim after this rejection?

Martin said...

Friend - Oh no, that isn't my claim at all. The previous post is linked to because it WAS my entry.

That post and subsequent thread met all of the definitions of traffic highlighted above - that's why I say it was perfect.

Thanks for letting me know I wasn't clear. I am a poor social sculptor.

Anonymous said...

Deadline August 29:

Arts Center of St. Petersburg, FL Seeks Proposals for Communication-Themed Work
The Arts Center of St. Petersburg, a non profit organization, is seeking proposals for the upcoming exhibition at their Project Creo Gallery. The exhibition will focus on artists interested producing work whose focus is on communication. Work may be 2D or 3D, as well as installations. The exhibition will open November 12, 2005 and will run through February 1, 2006. No entry fee. To apply, send an exhibition proposal, artist statement, bio, resume, 10-20 labeled slides or a CD of recent work, and ASE to Project Creo, 800 S. Second Avenue N.E., St. Petersburg, FL 33701, Attn: Melissa Christiano. For additional information, visit www.theartscenter.org.

Martin said...

thanks anonymous!

Anonymous said...

You act like that post is the best thing that's ever happened to you. Stop it. It's getting boring.

Martin said...

I know, you're right, it may be a bit overplayed on this blog, but whenever it gets linked to someone else leaves a comment.

Are you the person that left the latest comment? I doubt it, you sound a little smarter, but okay - I'll try and stop.

Anonymous said...

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