Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Whitney Biennial 2006 - Last Chance!!!

The deadline to submit work for possible Whitney Biennial inclusion is August 1 - don't say nobody told you!

12/6 - Friendsters - this is my original post with Whitney Biennial submission information and suggesting artists from all over submit their work to the Whitney's Biennial Coordinator.

1/16 - Whitney Biennial - the curators are announced!

1/27 - Artnet posts the Whitney Biennial submission information (!!!)

1/28 - Whitney Biennial II!

2/5 - Whitney Museum Seeks Biennial Coordinator - the Whitney announces it is searching for a Biennial Coordinator!

2/15 - The Whitney Is Shunning Me! - nobody will answer my questions!!

3/14 - The Face of the Lady who is Shunning me! - this is the head of the people that won't answer my questions!!

5/12 - Whitney Biennial 2006 Update - the Whitney updates the submission information on their website.

Okay, I think those are all my main posts on this. I wonder how many people reading all of those posts have actually sent in a submission? What if someone actually gets in?? I hope so, that would be great.


All submissions to be considered for exhibition in the Biennial should include the artist's biography or resume, a brief description of the proposed work, and between six and eight images. Recommended formats for images include slides, computer printouts, digital images on a CD_ROM, audio CDs, or VHS videotapes. We do not accept original artworks in the submission package.

Submissions may be sent to:

Biennial Coordinator
Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Good Luck!!!

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