Sunday, January 16, 2005

Whitney Biennial

Now that the curators for the next Whitney Biennial have been announced I think I'll re-post the following Whitney Biennial submission information taken from the Whitney's website - it's real.

I would love it if artbloggers across the country cut and pasted this information onto their own blogs- no need to link, Tyler - and we can send the curators a message that we want to see more than simply a reflection of the Chelsea market. E-mail the information to your artist friends! Post it at your local art center! Submission is free, you'll get a cool rejection letter, and who knows - maybe someone will actually slip through the NYC filter of money and connections.


All submissions to be considered for exhibition in the Biennial should include the artist's biography or resume, a brief description of the proposed work, and between six and eight images. Recommended formats for images include slides, computer printouts, digital images on a CD_ROM, audio CDs, or VHS videotapes. We do not accept original artworks in the submission package.

Submissions may be sent to:

Biennial Coordinator
Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Good Luck!!!


Anonymous said...

Um, so who are the curators? I went to the Whitney site and couldn't find the information.

Do you have a link to the announcement or something?


Martin said...

The curators are two Europeans, Chrissie Iles and Philippe Vergne.

The submission info is taken from the 2004 Biennial site. Google "biennial coordinator" + whitney + submissions.