Wednesday, January 26, 2005

James Hyde

Went to a James Hyde lecture today, it was pretty good and I'll post about it later in the week or over the weekend.

He did mention a couple things that I want to share right away, one being that his upcoming show at Solvent Space here in Richmond will feature at least one piece that hasn't been shown publicly before, Large Air Cushion. I'm pretty sure that this is the piece pictured on Solvent Space's website - the photo was taken in Brooklyn, not for a show, just to get pictures. So that's great - a New York artist debuting new work in Richmond!

And relatedly, early in his talk he mentioned having a discussion sometime after the election with someone who said that "states that voted for Bush were overwhelmingly states without the arts" and it stuck with him - he talked a little about how important the arts are to instilling knowledge, empathy, consideration, and independent thinking. Yes! I agree!

My fear is that Solvent Space is to be little more than another example of the VCU Fine Arts marketing machine's attempt to boost it's rankings - with a lot of effort made to promote awareness of this space to an out-of-town audience and none expended locally. The opening reception is this Friday and I haven't seen a single poster, postcard, or announcement - other than the website and a photocopy on a bulletin board on the third floor of the art building. There isn't even anything posted in VCU's Library or Student Commons. Nobody knows about this place. Has anyone in NY received an announcement? Anyone at the University of Richmond?

The opening reception for James Hyde's exhibition at Solvent Space, Pillow Talk, is this Friday, January 28, 6–8 PM.

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