Friday, January 21, 2005


Saw Terry Brown today, who proudly showed me the FEAST mini-review from today's - or rather Thursday's - Washington Post.

"New to me, and particularly intriguing: FEAST, a five-member Virginia collective whose photos cross documentary and camp, advertising and fashion. "Drunk on Doughnuts (lick)," the collective's color photo diptych, stars a would-be John Waters heroine devouring her Krispy Kreme stash."

Congratulations to Terry and her fellow FEAST-ers!

Lenny has linked to the full WaPo page here. Lenny also has someone's anonymous take on the DC Warming Panel.

Another of Lenny's readers noted that "Tyler Green was the only one saying anything of substance that addressed the DC Warming theme," and that Green made the point that "when people in Los Angeles or New York look at DC, they only think of museums and not so much of galleries."

Wouldn't it be nice if when people thought of a city they didn't think museums or galleries, but instead art and artists?