Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Public Sculpture, Revisited

Here's a good photo of the sculpture I posted about on Tuesday, taken from about the same angle that first caught my eye. That light shining through the blue part made all sorts of warpy patterns as I rode by on my bicycle.

The artist is John Newman, not Kendall Buster as I was first thinking, and the piece is called Skyrider. Now I recall that I saw his exhibition at the Hand Workshop last year, but that stuff didn't wow me as much as Skyrider... a little too fussy or something, and all I could think of was the inner ear. A Style Weekly reviewer here thinks the opposite, that the Hand Workshop show was much better than Skyrider.

More pictures of Skyrider can be seen here, and with these pictures you get a better sense of the site. Skyrider is suspended from I-95, across from a restored train station. It's like a Jules Verne time machine that stays in the same location as everything around it changes, and when the machine comes to a stop what was once lush meadow is now busy, grey, and over-built. The machine is simultaneously new and archaic. I'm probably now reaching way into associations that only I would make, but I also think of the Back to the Future Part III train.

Raphael Rubinstein, the guy that wrote about artblogs for Art in America, has written about Newman's work here.

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