Friday, January 21, 2005

New American Paintings - Preview

I've got the goods on some Richmond artists who will be featured in the next Mid-Atlantic edition of New American Paintings, two artists from Rentz Gallery and two artists that show at ADA.

Fiona Ross and Sheep Jones both show at Rentz Gallery and are included in the gallery's current small works invitational. I've seen Fiona's work before and really like it - she showed at both VCU's Fab Gallery and 1708 in 2004. I loved her ceramic pieces from both shows. She's got drawings and ceramics at Rentz now - my favorite is Top With Ball, a ceramic aggregate piece selling for $950. The photos from her website don't do the works justice - lots of fragile looking layers, subtle color differentiations, and a mix of textures. Wasn't there a James Woods movie where the pineal gland burst out of people's foreheads? Top With Ball is like that, but sugar-coated.

Sheep Jones is a real nice surprise, because this is a case of someone saying to me "oh, my mom's an artist, you should see her work", and you know how that usually goes. Well, Sheep Jones was no disappointment, she probably had the best paintings in the show! I especially liked the three square paintings of houses. Very simple, strong color, solid - I though a little bit of Merlin James. Only $600 each.

From ADA Gallery New American Paintings will be including Jason Coates and Susan Jamison. I think I will be showing with Jamison (and Michael Ferris) at ADA in April.

Not sure who else in town will be included, let me know if you want me to mention you.


Lenny said...

Sheep is one of my favorite painters... she's absolutely brilliant!

BJ Kocen said...

Hey! This is very cool! I'm BJ from the Rentz Gallery and I'm psyched you guys are talking about us,Sheep, & Fiona! Out of all of our artists,Sheep and Fiona are on our top 5 for sure. They are both very cool too and I can't wait to see the spread in New American Paintings.
We'll have a show of Sheep's in September and Fiona and in November. I know that's a way off but just keeping ya'll posted. Anyway, just saying hey and drop me line if you'd like to say hey!!!


Anonymous said...

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