Friday, January 21, 2005

Artnet's Surreptitious Correction

A correction on Artnet, italicized below. Isn't this usually done by announcing update, or correction, or something?

"The Project sold Mehretu paintings to Douglas Fogle, acting for the Walker Art Center ($18,000)"

The correction wasn't added until after I e-mailed the Walker and the Walker e-mailed Walter Robinson at Artnet. The Walker e-mail to Artnet is posted below. The Walker hasn't bothered to get back to my own request for clarification.

Artnet, Mr. Robinson, please add "correction notice" to your post.


Hi Walter-

I want to clarify information in your article published on January 18 stating that The Project sold a Julie Mehretu painting to Douglas Fogle. In fact, the Walker Art Center purchased the painting. Walker curator Douglas Fogle was acting on the Walker's behalf. I hope you can run a correction notice on artnet.



Karen Gysin
Associate Director, Public Relations
Walker Art Center
1750 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis MN 55403


Tyler said...

Artnet corrected the item.


Martin said...

yeah, i know, i state that above. but my doug fogle piece now looks like i didn't read artnet's lawsuit article correctly.

by the way, i didn't say that fogle had done anything wrong, just looking for some clarification - and i stand by the more general insider trading claim.

i did forward the post to the walker, their contact info page is extremely vague. i e-mailed the general info address and the webmaster, with a request to forward. never heard anything back.

Anonymous said...

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