Sunday, January 23, 2005

Solvent Space Case Resolved

Last week or so, it seems much longer, I posted about a James Hyde exhibition scheduled for Richmond that I had noticed on his website - and I had no clue as to where this space might be.

Now I do! It's a new VCU-run space down near Plant Zero - and it sounds great. The Hyde show will be the inaugural exhibition of Solvent Space, followed by a show in the Spring of the very exciting Katharina Grosse.

I'm a fan of James Hyde's work but I have to admit to being much more excited about Grosse. It looks like Hyde might be showing something he has already shown elsewhere but because of the nature of her work, here and here, Grosse will be creating something new at Solvent Space. This is a big deal - an excellent artist with an international reputation debuting something in Richmond. Wow - I can't wait.

What makes it even more exciting is that the Grosse exhibit is happening barely a year after a VCU art student was sentenced to prison for - if I remember correctly - two years for his graffiti art. I think the terms of his sentence also demanded that he speak to fellow VCU art students about the "perils of graffiti". That kid was no Katharina Grosse but it certainly takes balls for the department to be inviting her and hopefully will provoke some spirited community debate (message to Sean Bonner - galleries do have a role in society).

Sometimes Richard can be wonderfully subversive.

James Hyde, Pillow Talk, January 28 ­– April 2, 2005 Opening reception: January 28, 6–8 PM


seanbonner said...

Will it spake community debate or Art Community debate is the question?

Anonymous said...

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