Tuesday, August 29, 2006

more on Richmond Outdoor Sculpture, 2006

Okay! More on the second annual Richmond Outdoor Sculpture exhibition! The previous post on Paul DiPasquale is here.

Andrea Ernest - This is another of my favorites from the show. We had the map and I walked up and was standing right in front of this checking it out... Lynne and friends (without maps) close behind.. I watched as Lynne walked right by this piece and actually touched it at the same time she was asking "where is it?". Nice moment for me, to witness the realization. This is one of those things that fits seamlessly into the landscape, but once noticed is a stand-out.

It is like a historical marker - or some gorgeous jules verne parking meter - but the text at center is mostly illegible or nonsensical; a medallion nowhere signifying nothing. Perfect low-key fit of extravagance.

Lynne likes, she can't keep her hands off it. Lynne is a furby, if you want a furry suit you should contact her.


UPDATE 8/30/2006: From an e-mail today - "that sculpture was very religious to me. It looked exactly like what the priests used to hold the host in when there was some special holy thing going on. I'm sure my sister would know the name for it. don't you remember the priest walking down the aisle holding the thing over his head?".

Yes.. I was thinking about that stuff - especially reliquaries - when I saw the piece... but forgot later on at the computer. Thanks!

Chris Bolduc
Chris Bolduc has wrapped a sparkling silver castle around a big tree. There are no doors or windows - it is the same on every side except a couple bottom spots built over the big roots. This is where the King of the Squirrels lives. I'd like to watch this and see birds and squirrels enjoy it.

Seen at the perfect time, the reflected sunset was nice.

This sandpile is not in the show, but caught my eye. It was strange because it is right across the street from Allison Andrews piece, the base of which is like a Japanese rocky sand garden and is bordered with bricks. This deliberate looking pile of sand is also bordered with bricks. Did one inspire the other, is it someone's stealth sculpture?

Two-toned pile of sand wrapped in bricks.

Carolyn Henne
Carolyn Henne's seats. This was kind of disappointing... best seen with people on them. She had a great show at ADA a couple years ago.. I think these cement(?) seats are made from those same molds. Those were so interesting and creepy because they were flesh colored and had a strange rubbery texture, with a cartoony color cut-away look of the inside on top - they squished a little when you sat on them. All that good stuff was missing here..

Big thanks and congratulations to Vaughn Garland and H. Jennings Sheffield.


Our Goblin Market said...

Thanks for the posts on the show. I think next time you should be a guide for us. Maybe even one of Lynn's weird animal pieces sitting on the sidewalk would go over well (a ten foot lion/woman.)


beq said...

Heh, James and I did a critique of the same sandpile, Martin, early one Sunday morning a week ago. Art is where you find it, I guess.

unpervable1 said...

I read your critique on Andrea Ernest's work, and I'm sure that my mother would be very proud that you liked her stuff. As for the medalion in the middle of her piece, it does look a bit nonsensical, but if you spin it it becomes very clear of her intent. "A medalion somewhere signifying something." Give it a try. I think you'll be like it.

James W. Bailey said...


Nice images. I suspect Andrea Ernest of being a disaffected Catholic. Her piece looks like a disemboweled monstrance.
http://www.marianbooksandgifts.com/images/CGmonstrance.gif. Being a disaffected Catholic myself, I like the piece very much.


Anonymous said...

you have got to be kidding ,carolyne henne's piece works in the area and is well crafted interesting and biomorphic as opposed to the plasma torch celtic mandala that had little hand working
it really bothered us ,student work
the castle would have been excellent if as it decomposed something emerged
We liked the piece on the railroad tracks with the wheels and the tape , i imagine it picks up the light quite well in the daytime
the large tree sculpture with the and leaves of tiny dresses was really cool my chinese friend recognized that the pinatas were made of chinese hall bank notes

it seems people did not make it over the bridge

martin said...

James - YES.. the piece is actually called Monstrance. I can't believe I went to Catholic schol for nine years.. where did it go? Sorry, god.

Anonymous - Carolyn's piece was a let-down.. including the placement.

When you all are thinking about these pieces, are you thinking about the total experience - the site, the context, the discovery - or just the piece all by itself?

Anonymous said...

did anyone actually cross the bridge?

Ed Holten said...

As a disaffected catholic, former altar boy and personal friend of Andrea I'd like to set the record straight. She is Catholic, I'd say latitudinarian, yet not disaffected...

The Monstrace is used during Eucharist Adoration. The preist puts a super-sized, consecrated hosts (those believed to have been transformed into the actual body of Christ)into the center compartment.This is a ceremony typically attended by only hard core Catholics, many of them looking for a miracle from St. Jude by attending 9 in a row (a novena)... Once the concecrated host is placed inside, The preist will not touch the monstrance with his bare hands. He holds it using a humeral veil and raises it in front of the attendees. The ceremony involves Solemn call and responses, smoky inscense, and folks genuflecting and hurriedly making the sign of the cross... basically a great time is had by all!

martin said...

the only one i saw on the other side of the bridge is the neptune, but i still have the map and the stuff is up into october, right?

don crow has work at plant zero, opening friday.

Andrea said...

You are missing the point, which one might suggest is a limitation or fault of the piece itself. However, until the text is deciphered; it is beautiful, but meaningless, which I might add is exactly the point, and exactly like faith.

Anonymous said...

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