Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OPERATION: CRATE & BARREL has been Compromised

Tom Sanford has uncovered my Crate & Barrel project. This ruins everything. Nobody was supposed to find these until Halloween.

I don't know if Tom knows this, but we were in a show together four or five years ago in Tokyo. Here is a review that talks about both of our work, with images for both of us.

hey! did you know that there is a richmond school, and that i am it's leader?? Tom says so!

UPDATE 2008: SAD. Tom has deleted his blog (?)... the link is gone.


TOMPAC said...

i did a show in tokyo at a little gallery called Tomoya Saito back in 2001, I think that he put a few of the paintings in that show. thanks for the heads up on that bit of press. i will fwd on to lizzy at leo's and hopefully it makes its way to my bio someday.

libby said...

It's so funny to see that the business world is as unbusiness-like as the art world. Surely, to not attribute a work of art is counter to normal business practices, not to mention counter to ownership and copyright laws. If an artist appropriated one of their logos, they'd howl bloody murder.

Or is your agreement with them that you be anonymous? What would that suggest about how the business world tries to impose uniformity and lack of identity on those who do the work?

martin said...

i can't talk about it without using my codename.

Jennings Sheffield said...

don't be knockin crate & barrel. they bought some of my work this year and are selling them nicely for me. but it is absolute robbery what the artist gets versus what they get for matting and framing.

i know it's their name and exposure, but it is hard enough as an artist to let some of your work go out for mass production. their should be a guilt fee included to the artists.

Anonymous said...

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