Thursday, August 10, 2006

Paper Rad..... and introducing... GULL!!!

Paper Rad was very good. It was not a huge space so everybody was right on top of each other... I was probably less than two feet from Jessica; there were four of them all together. They had a video screen running above them the whole time... more humor than expected, and maybe a bit more nostalgia than (i) needed (but funny). They also did some weird things that probably went mostly unnoticed.. like at one point they all put on t-shirts with a barking dog on them... and then shortly after they were off again; even Jessica, who at that time was crouching on the floor beneath equipment - and out-of-sight of most of the people - did it.

Paper Rad
like a time-tunnel thing. that spinning white column has a face, and appears throughout the video.

Paper Rad
getting a funny music history lesson.

Paper Rad
scary creepy pope-like gesturer.

Paper Rad
this is the dog image that was on the t-shirts.

GULL - after Paper Rad came Gull. I think that a number of people left after Paper Rad... but they missed out. This small guy in a too-small scary skull mask hunched over a drum in the corner played the guitar with his left hand, drummed with his right hand, did something with his feet, yowled and grunted... and KNOCKED OUT the room. He was like an indian demon monkey - it was very primal, bizarre, ritualistic.

Gull had just moved to Richmond that day... his real name is Nate and he didn't have any tapes or anything available.. he said he was sort of just starting. Is that possible?

Last Thing: look at this picture! i see a big craggy head in profile, wearing sunglasses and smiling, on the left side. DO YOU SEE IT??? is it a music god?

Paper Rad God?


Anonymous said...

could be crying. tears wore furrows down his face

Anonymous said...

wow. Jim Henson intervention.

Anonymous said...

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