Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Steven Parrino

Steven Parrino, Skeletal Explosion
Skeletal Explosion

Steven Parrino

Parrino, Death in America #1, 2003
Death in America #1, 2003

Steven Parrino, The No Title Painting, 2003
The No Title Painting, 2003

Steven Parrino


Anonymous said...

and your point is?

martin said...

hey anonymous dickhead, my point is that i like this work.

okay... i also liked the tomma abts that i posted last month or so, and the lucio fontana posted last week... and i'm going to start periodically posting artists i think are interesting, am thinking about, am inspired by. this blog is good for me to store stuff, better than a sketchbook or notebook, nice images, more easily searchable.

parrino was into or inspired by both fontana and superhero comics, i can relate.

onesock said...

Man, thanks for posting this. It is helping me figure out some ideas I am struggling with folding papers and printed material.
I will put images on flikr soon.