Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daniel Davidson

Daniel Davidson had a PICTURE BOOTH at ADA on Friday... five dollars to get in the booth and have your picture drawn. This kid coming out didn't get his portrait done.. he just sat down and put some nickels in. I don't think he "got it".

Daniel Davidson
Here is a guy with his portrait. Sort of looks like a Dickens character in the portrait, like he is about to give Oliver Twist a beating.

Inside you sat on a stool and looked at a square mirror, under bright lights, with square light reflections in your eyes. It was hard to stare straight ahead at the mirror and pose for a portrait, knowing that it was a two-way mirror with Daniel Davidson sitting on the other side staring back, drawing your picture.

The other side of the booth... that is Daniel Davidson's entrance.

This was so funny, and cruel. There is a sign over a box, some pencils, and a pile of index cards... inviting you to write down your comments and criticisms and put them in the box. I watched this woman spend some time writing stuff and carefully drawing something and then putting it in the box... and then it got shredded and came out in strips from the bottom, falling to the floor. This picture is taken just as the card has gone in and the strips are coming out.

It happened over and over, John kept kicking away the shredded paper strips so nobody would catch on.

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Cristina Goncalves said...

sometimes, i read your blog with jealousy in my heart. i think there should be a You for Here so that i know what is coming up and don't miss out on awesome, fun shows like this one appears to have been.

martin said...

cristina - thank you. my heart is also filled with jealousy.

Anonymous said...

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