Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Okay! So... somewhat related to Architect and the wonderful Stitchy Japanese House, allow me to introduce you to UFOjisan.

This was a shop somewhere in Tokyo, can't remember where exactly. It was interesting because it was full of old Japanese treasures, sort of like an antique shop... but co-existed with some kind of religous outer-space meteor temple. There were a ton of signs out front, like big placards, all about UFO's watching us... and pictures of UFOjisan.

UFOjisan seemed to be a cult leader, wearing bright robes and large shiny hats, and has a link to the aliens. The shop is his place (i'm calling it a shop, but i don't think that is the right word exactly), and he was hanging out with some other old guys in the back area around the tv and heater.

I should explain that the Japanese word for U.F.O. is "UFO", written like that and pronounced "you-foe". Yes, they have their own original words also (space is uchu, alien is uchujin), but UFO is just as common. Ojisan is a term for an old(er) man, so UFOjisan is a pun.

EVERYTHING in this shop was interesting, including the imperious bearded UFOjisan. There was an altar to a huge meteor (maybe), draped in bright fabrics... plus lots of other space rocks and cosmic things, Buddhas, many odd interesting beautiful old Japanese treasures, and UFOjisan's drawings documenting his abductions and extra-terrestial experiences.

Here are some bad photos of the drawings, wish I had taken more. Discovered this shop in a hurry to someplace else, and never got that way again.

That third picture in from the right is a self-portrait. The cases are full of old treasures.

I've tried googling him, but can't find anything.. . although I think I am just not putting in the right things.

I know I have a picture of the outside of the shop somewhere, but can't find it. When it shows up I'll add it to this post.

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