Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(b)ananartista, Hans Heiner Buhr, Esiri Erheriene-Essi, the internet, Saatchi thing, Uber thing, PLUS

Hans Heiner Buhr, bad chicken arrives, 2007

Hans had a nightmare -

"I dreamed last night, that I sold a piece on Pulse. It was a photo-poster of a book reading tramp in b/w, what was a print and very popular in the former German Democratic Republic. I remember I just signed and framed that poster and it got sold in minutes for USD 16.000"

Esiri Erheriene-Essi, Shock of the New Shit/Art Shows Make Me Paranoid, 2006

Esiri is an artist in London... her paintings are full of details and stories, all of which are talked about on her blog.

(b)ananartista!!! Have you watched his youtube videos yet??? Okay, if you click on some of those it warns of "adult content"... but just do it... it's not explicit. Do it for the sake of humanity.

The internet is amazing... I didn't even get e-mail until 2001... how would I have ever heard of these artists before the internet??? One is a German living in Tblisi, one is in London, and one is in Italy; I "met" Hans on blogs, Esiri on flickr, and (b)ananartista through youtube.

I put some stuff on the Saatchi site... I had reservations, because there is just so much stuff on there it is overwhelming, but Hans is on it, Esiri is on it, and I'm already on the Artists Space site; neither site is curated/juried... what difference does it make.

I'm not on re-title, but re-title isn't free... although I can't figure out from the site how much it costs to join. I think I had an early chance to get on re-title for free when they were starting, but I stupidly didn't do it. re-title lists anaba, thanks re-title.

Uber is the newest one... this is LA based, and free... here is MY UBER PAGE. This site was complicated, for me... but I finally got it. You have a lot of control with this one... and it's kind of like myspace. Mark Creegan is on it, Carol Es is on it... we all designed our own pages. Glenn Kaino and Lauri Firstenberg are involved with it somehow.

Inliquid - this Philadelphia site is the first one I had my work on, before the other free on-line ones started up, but I'm off now.

I can't believe it's been so long since I made this first post on artist's websites....

It would be nice if the White Columns registry were re-activated, and was utilized. I think that was the only juried one.... just something small to shoot for. It was a first break for so many.

Deborah Kass, 1999 -

"White Columns is 'ground zero' for emerging artists at the moment," says Kass, referring to the well-known alternative space now located on West 12th Street in Manhattan. "They're always showing interesting work -- that's where we first saw Christina Mazzaluppo, Eric Parker and Karen Heagle. We own works by each of those artists, and they've all been seen in White Columns group shows or solo shows."


Hans said...

Martin, I also find sometimes interesting stuff on FecalFace

Thanks for your nice post !

Anonymous said...

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