Monday, March 05, 2007

Judith Supine! Woah, Amazing BEFORE and AFTER photos, PLUS... RVA Gallery Results Are IN! and a BONUS REWARD!!!

Somebody left a comment on the old in-between alley post... with a link to somebody's flickr page showing the work when it was NEW. Wow! I had no idea they were so bright, these are acidic... looks great on the bricks.

looks like a rats
Here is the photo I took when first seeing this piece. The artist is called Judith Supine.... it looks like s/he's moved to NYC and is doing a lot of stuff up there. Here is an EXCELLENT youtube video showing how they make the posters and collages.

Here are a couple more of my AFTER photos, and the BEFOREs:

rats is the word
Yay to RATS! Rats is the word!

doorway #2
Never posted this photo before... and it was taken well after Christmas was over.

PLUS! RVA Gallery Results Are IN!!

Heart as Arena posted on Scope, mentioning ADA Gallery, saying he was excited to see them after reading about them on my blog... so now that I have started adding labels to old posts I can easily go back and see what RVA galleries have been "featured" the most.

ClicK on a gallery link below to see all of the feature posts on that gallery... newest posts will be on top, scroll down for older posts. It only shows twenty posts, so if a gallery has had more than twenty features they won't all show up.

1708 Gallery - 6 times
ADA Gallery - 24 times
Anderson Gallery - 13 times
Chop Suey - 7 times
Gallery 5 - 4 times
Nonesuch - 10 times
Reynolds Gallery - 10 times


Okay, if you have made it this far your Bonus Reward is a link to a new-ish artblog called Artworld Salon. This is Marc Spiegler , Ian Charles Stewart , and András Szántó's new blog...

It's informative, and a little different in that commenting is by invitation only, or something... I guess that is what the "Salon" part implies.

ummm, I'm a little put off (I'M JEALOU$!) by the sense of privilege, and exclusionism - it appears Szanto is hoping to make happen the sort of thing he talks about here - and I'm not getting the sense that their definition of "artworld" includes artists... but, it's still interesting and they aren't really talking about art anyway.

UPDATE 3/5/07: aaack, this Artworld Salon blog is fascinating... it is a good thing... a lot more insight into the money side of it all...


Barnaby said...

Okay Martin..get crackin'..I may have a space for ya if ya want to curate a blogger painter painting bloggers show...

where are you by the way? You finally gonna make the move to the NYC?

martin said...

barnaby, that would be fun! if people want to do it... i would do it for sure.

e-mail me?

Anonymous said...

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