Monday, March 13, 2006

in-between alley

This thing is so creepy. It's all raggedy and pieces of it are softly blowing in the breeze along with those branches in front. This is a GREAT alley! This piece is directly across from that goest one I posted a few days ago. The alley floor is all grassy green, with birds chirping and sunshine slanting and a soft warm breeze, like another world. You really feel removed from everything, not in the city and not in the country. Trash and neglect and care and attention. It is a very in-between space.

nice painting
This marker drawing/painting is directly to the left of the scary wheat-paste rat-face. It is so unusual (for local graffiti), kind of like one of those big outdoor Chris Martin paintings.

I'm posting the goest one again because they are all next to each other in the alley and I want to be able to see them all together here.

rats is the word
I'm guessing that whoever did the first piece above also did this one, in a doorway on Broad? Are there any more someplace? Spooky.

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imageworship said...

I love seeing that stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

after a little flickr research

martin said...

thank you!!

Anonymous said...

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