Monday, March 20, 2006

more museum

George Catlin,
Collection of George Catlin paintings. Real liquidy fresh. These are from what he called his "Cartoon Collection", duplicates made of previous paintings that had been sold to pay debts.

This George Catlin is reminding me of this Joy Garnett.

museum room
This huge wall has been empty for at least two months. This would be a good spot to curate a little show of local artists. I'd put up Michele Arthur, Travis Conner, Tom Harte, Ron Johnson, Kirsten Kindler, Michael Lease, Me, Danielle Riede, Oura Sananikone, Bruce Wilhelm, and others - maybe salon style. I was very close to coming back with one of my own small paintings and just hanging it, but wouldn't a little temporary group show, with permission, be better? Please let me do it!!!

The other thought I had was extremely guerrilla, but can't you see a big Rats Rats Rats here? Don't do it, Rats.

museum lobby
This lobby area was disorienting. It was like I had been eaten by the museum. Where is the floor? Where is the wall? It was a Katharina Grosse moment.


mountain man said...

I saw a show of Catlin at the Smithsonian a few years ago. I loved his paintings, especially one small one of a fire in the distance on the plains. He is great.

Anonymous said...

Here's to a western sky full of falling (dying) spindly legged flamingos!

Wasn't the museum's Kiefer in that big blank spot?

martin said...

the kiefer is up, so i guess that is not the spot - unless they moved it. i remember seeing a very long schnabel in here, but i think it was where the rothenberg is now.

can't remember what was last in that spot.

they have a big julie mehretu on loan in the other room, near the essenhigh.

Anonymous said...

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