Friday, March 31, 2006

Christoph Ruckhaberle

Very much enjoyed the Christoph Ruckhaberle show at Zach Feuer. Was he included in the Leipzigger show at Mass Moca I saw and couldn't get into? If so, he must have gotten better.

- the wavy wobbly arm of Frightened Young Man, seated, with yellow spatters, dirty patterns, and green paint, like chewed gum, stuck to his sleeve.

- the distorted, three-fingered, warped wrapped wavy green dancing Butzemann (Troll).

- the blue-faced strangled Reading Lady, spidery Tambourine Man's bottomless black round eye, the ice-cool blue hypnotic chair nails and pink pink ear in The Party.

- all the masks. Those looked like so much fun to do.

This show is up until April 8th. Lots of good fun weird fussy messy painting.

OH! I forgot to say. Ross Bleckner and friend came in and chatted with Zach while I was there. Ross seemed the more star-struck.

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