Saturday, March 25, 2006


This is the first piece of art I saw on my visit to NYC this past week. Spotted this Swoon wall piece from my window on the Chinese bus, coming into Chinatown from Richmond, then walked over and took the picture.

$60.00 Round Trip.


Maryann Devine said...

Martin, I am bummed. I was in NYC this week as well, and we could have gotten together. Plus my friend in NY is now a fan of your blog. I could have introduced you. If you're still in NY, please eat at Grand Sichuan. Order from the Sichuan menu. Get the Wonder Sauce.

martin said...

Maryann - I'm so glad you've linked to your blog, now I will add it to the blogroll. Sorry, I'm so lame.

Did you see any good shows in NY?

maryann devine said...

Martin, I was only in NYC for two days, so my friend and I concentrated on the Biennial. I have to say, nothing in the Biennial stood out for me as surprising, perceptive, original, etc. The overcrowded installation didn't do the artists any favors. I had a very hard time focusing on each artist's work. Also -- what is up with all the old work included in the show? I can understand that it is to show influences, but so much? I'm going to try to go back so I can look at things more closely, and to spend more time with the videos.

martin said...

i only had one morning and one day for seeing art, so i went to chelsea and skipped the biennial.

i am happy for zoe strauss, i like her photos and am inspired by the way she does things, but overall it sounds pretty awful.

if i get up again before it closes and there isn't anything better to see i might go, but... something tells me there would be better things to see.

just found out that a friend is driving up to philly for a wedding saturday and i MIGHT tag along.. but she is leaving at about 1030am and i am running a 10k at 830am, so don't know if i will make it.

i finally added your blog!!!!!!

maryann devine said...

That's so funny that we did the opposite things in NY. Can you believe I missed Zoe Strauss's photos in the Biennial? After we left, I said, hey, we didn't see Zoe Strauss -- one of the artists I was very much interested in seeing. Somehow, we missed her room, but I'm confident that I'll go back.

If you're interested in getting together this weekend, let me know. I have to work in the evening on Sat. night, but could get together before or after, or Sunday...

Thanks so much for adding my blog! I better get on the ball.

Hungry Hyaena said...

The Chinatown bus rocks! I'm using it to head down to Richmond this coming weekend - April 6th - to see Michael McDevitt's opening.

Can't beat the price, even if the hours are a little odd.

martin said...

MaryAnn - i will probably go to Frank's or something Saturday night. Sunday i think we are going to the museum, or browsing antique row, or both.

this is IF i make it. she is leaving by 10:30am but i am running in a 10K at 8:30am.

HH - i will look for you. where is his show?

Maryann Devine said...

Martin, if you're in Phila, you're probably not reading this. I am working a gala black tie event on Sat. evening. If I have the energy, I may stop by Franks and look for you. I'll be the only one in a gown, so it will be easy to spot me.

Are you seeing the Swarm show at Fabric Workshop? I think it's open on Sunday, and supposed to be great. Have not yet seen it myself.

Anonymous said...

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