Monday, January 07, 2008

Elisabeth Condon

Elisabeth Condon was at Yaddo last month, and we hung out a little bit. Here are some pics from her open studio, held shortly before she left -

Elisabeth Condon
All of these people are fellow Yaddo residents, artists and writers, gathered in Elisabeth's studio an hour before dinner. Yaddo is very strict about dinner.

The guy in blue is Elliott Levine, the blonde woman is an artist from Iowa, and Elisabeth is standing on the right, holding up a book. She gave a short talk about her work and influences... she's been inspired by Chinese landscapes and poetry.

UPDATE: the blonde artist from Iowa is Laurel Farrin!

Elisabeth Condon
Roland Flexner was mentioned, but I'm forgetting what other specific artists were cited, although considering her work now while looking at these photos I'm thinking a little bit of Max Ernst.... partly because of the discovery of landscape through process.

Elisabeth Condon
Elisabeth reading a poem.

detail from top image. cLicK here to see more studio photos.


Nomi Lubin said...

Can see the Chinese influence, of course. But the one you have a close up of also makes me think a little bit of Charles Burchfield who I love.

jms said...

love the dense, obsessive, meandering, coherent spaces that imply / deny space - Rousseau, Courbet stag paintings.. brava ec!

Molly Gordon said...

Lovely. For me, dark and light, space and suffocation, autopoesis as apocalypse and redemption. Rock on!