Sunday, January 20, 2008

love, walter10021

Biting comments from someone named walter10021 posted to a few of the blogs talking about Tyler Green and Christian Viveros-Faune -

Posted to Geoff Edgers' Exhibitionist -

Get a life. If you don't have smart people working at important posts, you get drivel from idiots like Tyler Green, who can stay as conlict-free as the Virgin Mary and still not be worth reading. - posted by walter10021

Posted to Jen Graves' SLOG entry -

With your lust for the lash, we should call you "Tailgunner Jen" -- it is people like you, and Tyler Green, and that moron at Art Fag City, who are handmaidens to fascism. The point is -- how's the work, good or bad? Viveros-Faune does pretty good. Can any of you say the same? - posted by walter10021

He's good. WHO COULD IT BE? Oh, here is a walter10021 commenting on an article on De Montebello, quoting Artnet... and another commenting on the blog of Artnet editor Walter Robinson's brother, Greensboro News & Record editor John Robinson.



Anonymous said...

Funny funny post Martin. I got a nasty comment about a single sentence blog entry I wrote in which I accuse some artnet writer I never heard of of kissing Gagosian's ass in an article they wrote.

The comment was filled with unambiguous praise of artnet and was a complete dismissal of me and my blog. I am almost 100% certain that an artnet writer wrote the anonymous comment (a la Lee Siegel).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Martin! You made me laugh.


Chris said...

Re "walter10021"- isn't the number obviously a zip code?

From people.yahoo.com:

Walter Robinson
338 E 67th St
New York, NY 10021-6232
Tel.: (212) 879-7151

Anonymous said...

perspicacious, chris! i was just writing to a friend about privacy and fame being opposite sides of the same enormous myth...


Chris (different Chris than Chris above) said...

off topic, sorry, but I just wanted to thank you for adding us (mw capacity)to your links. anaba is a great read and resource. thanks again.


Martin said...

hi chris - sure, i like your blog. ps - it is at the top of that list for now, but later it will get alphabetized (just so you don't think it disappears).

i have no idea how many people might click through those links... but the blog chris is talking about is MW Capacity, focused on painting, especially "no-coast" painting.


Anonymous said...

That is definitely Walter Robinson. I have emailed with him and that is his non-artnet account. Odd that he doesn't just sign his full name because obviously no one is fooled.

Anonymous said...

God Walter Robinson's a jerk. If he didn't run one of the worst publications on the web, he'd never have a job.

Paddy Johnson