Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RESULTS, from Artist's No-BS Market Report

Delayed, but... results are in. Eleven different Miami 2007 artfair-participating artists report:

5 pieces - 4 sold
5 pieces - at one gallery - 0 sold
3 pieces - at one gallery - 0 sold (gallery claims to have done well)
2 pieces - 0 sold
4 pieces - at two fairs - 0 sold
2 pieces - at one gallery - 0 sold
7 pieces - at two galleries at two different fairs - 1 sold
4 pieces - at one gallery - 0 sold
2 pieces - at Pulse - 0 sold
1 piece - at one gallery - 1 sold
8 pieces - at three galleries - 1 sold

Eleven artists, 43 pieces, 7 sales. Seven artists reporting no sales.


Anonymous said...

good reporting!

tackad said...

Thanks for the post.
Like most polls (that use a small sampling)this may or may not reflect something . . . .
In a way the art fairs are like flea markets and like any market they will shake themselves out.
But yes it's a wonderful oportunity to see a lot of art and maybe even buy art. (and that always hinges on the amount of spendable money people have. there certainly isn't any lack of hype.)

Anonymous said...

I think it's possible that the artists who sold more work are the ones working in their studios rather than responding to surveys about their sales.

Martin said...

yeah, right.

more likely the artists who sold more work are at a party networking or having lunch with someone who can help them with their careers.

you're funny. keep dreaming.