Sunday, July 13, 2008

catch-up on nyc stuff of note

Benjamin Butler, Leafless Trees, 2008, at ATM

I've liked his stuff on-line for a while, but I think this was the first time I've seen any for real. He had four solid little exercises here, all trees.

Ben Butler
Benjamin Butler, Dark Tree, 2008 - many nods to greater artists, mostly Mondrian... this one, Dark Tree, has a bit of Charles Burchfield's radiant pulsation.

Nice to look at the old Burchfield post on Mountain Man's blog from two+ years ago... my comment was "i love him, and Emily Carr. they are like shinto landscapists, every element of the landscape is imbued with spirits and energy."

Laleh Khorramian, at Salon 94 Freemans - another artist whose work I'd previously admired only on-line.... has a time-lapse film of orange peel figures, curling in a tight embrace as they decay. Quietly beautiful and otherworldly, she's constructed a Persian-inspired miniature oasis isolated in the desert under a star-filled sky.

My 1/2006 PainterNYC comment - "i don't hate this at all. it's like a late 60's illustration of a tatooine funeral."

Chrissy Conant
Chrissy Conant, in Sexy Time: A Group Effort, at Morgan Lehman - Wow. She made a rubber cast of herself.... so disturbing... it's like the sickest sex doll. The Chrissy skin is supported by magnets placed in the hands, feet, and head... so you could actually take that down and put it on your floor.

She made a painting also.

Robert Colescott
Robert Colescott at G.R. N'Namdi - always go to this gallery and always see something good.

Cliff Evans, Empyrean, at Luxe - showstopper of a video, on five(?) vertical screens... only six minutes, I watched it at least three times. Full of collaged moving images... I think he must take all of the photo images from the computer, and then does a kind of stop-motion edit with them... they don't move a lot, just a little bit, mechanically... but it's a total cacophony of images and references, a super-epic commentary on the American now. Movie stars, logos, the military... it's America here and abroad, everywhere, from the internet. The audio is great also, so many muffled sounds... rumbles, helicopters, cameras clicking, singing, birds.

David Ebony was there, he was into it.

Jamisen Ogg, at Hudson Franklin. More exhbition photos. His studio.

Liz-n-Val at Winkleman Gallery... they are the real deal. FAVORITES! UPDATE: Eric Gelber's review of the David Kinast show at Winkleman.

Michael St. John, at Marvelli - Disappointment. Really liked his installation of fourteen small Negroes With Guns paintings last year... inspired by the book, they were all book size... so compact and powerful in the small room. Don't get the point of this new enlarged version.

John Armleder and Haim Steinbach at Nicole Klagsbrun.
Joyce Kim at Thierry Goldberg and Fake Estate.

Anna Mertens, "Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!" (Sunset, January 24, 1848, Sutter's Mill, Columa, California), 2008, in Making History, at Jeff Bailey - she uses a computer to calculate the star rotation patterns at the dawn or dusk of important dates... and makes quilts. This one shows what the stars looked like the evening gold was discovered in California.

Here is a detail showing the star rotation pattern. Lauren Ross was there... she also liked the Mertens piece.

Regret missing Roger Shimomura at Flomenhaft, Kerry James Marshall at Jack Shainman, Tetsumi Kudo at Andrea Rosen... others.

more later maybe....