Thursday, December 17, 2009

shows to see

can't, but want to see...

Soft Edge, at Camel Art Space, with Peter Acheson, Nora Griffin, Chris Martin, Anna Rosen, Rachel Salamone, and Maria Walker. I've only seen one Maria Walker painting... want to see more. Closes Dec 20th.

Jr. and Sons, curated by Joe Bradley, at Zach Feuer. Peter Acheson and Joe Bradley are in this one also, together with Jason Fox, Steve DiBenedetto, Michael Williams and some other dudes. Joe Bradley curated Peanut Gallery at Journal Gallery.

Martin Wong at PPOW, through 1/31.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!! another all dudes show now is this supposed to be funny at this point? Also what is up with the same dudes again and again. I think I will boycott this one. Same Old same old. And why do galleries allow it can someone please answer I would like to know.

Martin said...

there is nothing wrong with an occasional intentional all-dudes/chicks gallery show... it's called 'Jr. & SONS', i think being dudes is part of the premise.

same dudes again and again you mean acheson and chris martin in both shows? are you serious? they are both well over 50 and have been working hard for a long time. good for them for any long-overdue attention.

i might delete your comment it's so stupid. was it a joke? i can't tell.