Sunday, December 27, 2009

Evidence of the Paranormal

Luca Trevisani, Weaving Constellation, 2005 - i think ideally there is supposed to be more helium in some of the balloons and it should look a little more magical, half-suspended in space...(someone from the gallery has photos on his flickr site)... they must switch the balloons and colors when they realize it's become listless.

Evidence of the Paranormal, curated by Chris Sharp, at Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery, CLOSES 1/10.

Marianne Viero, Room No. 18, 2007 - fool the eye. the wooden circle is so sharp and clear it's like inlay, even close... but in fact it's a photo of a table placed on a bed, poltergeist-like.

HAD to see this show to see what Chris Sharp would do... he's the guy who reviewed Joe Bradley's show and wrote "it doesn’t get much more retarded than this".

sLuca Trevisaniooky

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Nomi Lubin said...

Ah, yes, the balloons need a little more gas to be paranormal. Like the idea, tho.

Rob Hult said...

heh...yep, you caught us with our balloons down. Luca's piece is indeed meant to float.
We inflate the balloons every morning, but they do fall down by the end of the day if we're not vigilant enough... our apologies!!
-Klaus von Nichtssagend

Martin said...

i still liked it... probably should not have written 'retarded' in the sign-in book... haha.

Rob Hult said...

haha....it's ok, we got it.
thanks for stopping by the show.

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Nomi Lubin said...

I don't think this is crap. In fact, I am going to this show.