Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Title This

Title This is a Game Show in which Celebrities compete to title Mark Kostabi paintings for Ca$h Award$!!!

David Coggins and Glenn O'Brien, two of the Greatest Minds in New York. David Coggins is a surly bastard, Glenn O'Brien really is cool as shit.

The live music accompaniment was GREAT... didn't get a picture but it was Rob Schwimmer on the piano.

Emcee Mark Kostabi takes a break from titleing to auction a painting to the audience. He got a woman in the audience to bid a thousand dollars for it...

but it wasn't enough so Mark took a boxcutter and slashed up the canvas...

he pulled it over his head and jumped all around.

Carlo McCormick.

Regulars claiming their spots in the audience.

The show was a double-taping. We did one and I thought it was all over but then a stack of pizzas got delivered and we all stood around and ate pizza and talked.

TV Party.


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Audience members this day included Deborah Warner, Simon Cerigo, Anna Rockwell, Eric Mitchell, Derek Storm, MORE.

At the end of each episode an assistant comes out with a STACK of dollar bills and throws a few at a time up over a fan. Dollar bills are flying all over the bleachers and everybody is trying to catch them. It was crazy. I got $eighteen dollar$ on the first episode!

There is an entire bookcase of books on Kostabi, and after taping he said we could take whatever we wanted, for free. I chose two monographs with the help of Simon Cerigo... one by Walter Robinson and one by Glenn O'Brien. A few people picked up the scraps of slashed paintings and Kostabi signed them also.

If you ever get a chance to go to one of these tapings DO IT! it was a lot of fun. Hard to believe I was in Chelsea.

A Kostabi-curated show at the New Museum would probably be more fun, generous, surprising and unexpected than the planned Koons one... is it too late to switch it up? Let Kostabi do the New Museum and let's have the Koons/Joannou show at Mass MoCA... that would be an awesome and unpredictable switch-up.



zipthwung said...

Mark Kostabi is the antichrist, and Jeff Koons is his more manic egotistical and refined older brother.

Are they both really without guile?

May they both rot in paradise.

Martin said...

i like them BOTH!

Anonymous said...

Great minds? These are the great minds of our time? Shameful! Graat minds should be thinking great things, not participating in someone's mind f*^#. Nothing a good spanking wouldn't have fixed years ago. Yes, I mean just plain naughty. I volunteer to do it now.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to be there for a taping, and it was a GREAT time. The music is fab, the luminaries are hilarious, and Mark keeps things going at a good fast pace...