Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Matthew Lusk, Tramp Artist.

Matthew Lusk's carefree hobo in NADA Country Fair, 10/7/09.
Matthew Lusk's garbage-pail tramp in Without Walls, at Museum 52, on anaba 12/22/08.

Matthew Lusk
down and out.

Anti-Anti, curated by Fran Holstrom, at Hal Bromm. Closing reception THIS Thursday May 27th 6-8pm. Part 2 is called Non-Non and opens June 3rd.

Stacy Fisher.

Stacy Fisher in The Object Direct, at Heskin Contemporary, on anaba 1/12/09.
Stacy Fisher in The Longest Day, on anaba 7/2/08.

Stacy Fisher

Jaime Gecker.

Jaime Gecker in The living and the dead, at Gavin Brown, on anaba 7/24/09.
Jaime Gecker in the sum and all parts, on anaba 7/24/09.
Jaime Gecker in The Longest Day, on anaba 7/2/08.


Anonymous said...

ummm, speaking of look-a-likes, doesn't that jamie gecker look quite a bit like a wendy white?

Martin said...

wow. why, because there are adjoined canvases and some masking? don't be ridiculous.

Jon Lutz said...

yes, anonymous. why? because there is paint and colors?

Vince Contarino said...

Great show...can't wait for part deux

Matthew Lusk said...

Thanks for the attention. For the record, the piece is titled Two Tramps in Mud Time.

saira said...

if anonymous had anything valid to remark they would leave their name. white and gecker are both awesome painters, that is what they have in common.