Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meridith Pingree

Meridith Pingree, Blue Curtain, at Camel Art Space.

A chain along the hall of nine slowly spinning 'wipers'(?) lifting a glistening blue chain up and down, in an out-of-sync jerky looping rythm.

a brain node of the creep chain

NOBODY ELSE IS DOING THIS FREAKY STUFF. the only artists that remotely come to mind are Jon Kessler techy things, but more-so Lee Bontecou... because of a similar attraction/repulsion organic/industrial creep vibe.

spider shadows with lifting and dropping oil blue chain.


Rod Malin
Curator Rod Malin with work by Tom Moody.


Stephanie Vegh said...

It's hard to compare directly without my seeing Meredith Pingree's work in person, but Jean-Pierre Gauthier (Canadian artist based in Montreal) produces some beautiful mechanical works that play on that similar creepy edge, especially his more delicate devices for drawing graphite on gallery walls... you can see some visual here: http://www.jackshainman.com/artist-images15.html

Martin said...

exhibition pairings i would like to see -

Joe Bradley + Helen Frankenthaler
RH Quaytman + Ad Reinhardt
Meridith Pingree + Lee Bontecou

ken said...

Get busy curating all three of those shows, Martin, seriously! All good, but the Joe Bradley + Helen Frankenthaler especially seems nice, in that it is a hilarious idea, and in that it makes Frankenthaler seem more interesting somehow.

Martin said...

it would be awesome.

kelli said...

Some Charlotte Becket stuff is a little similar or has some affinity. Not the big sculptures but the little crawly trash eating monsters and the breathing rocks. Totally different theme in relation to the cast off nature of the materials though.

Martin said...

thanks stephanie and kelli i had never seen either of those artists